Mar. 2000
Jun. 2004
Government Certification(Manufacturer specialized in parts & Materials)
Mar. 2005
Affiliated R&D Center recognized
Jun. 2005
Certification of Venture Enterprise ( Individual )
Nov. 2005
Move in new HQ Building(Present)
Sep. 2006
Government Certification(Technology Innovation SME : No.6061-1851)
Mar. 2007
Government Certification(NEP Certification : NEP-MOCIE-2007-016)
Jun. 2008
Conversion to a corporation.
Mar. 2010
Certification of Venture Enterprise ( Corporation )
Nov. 2011
Move in new HQ Building(Present)
Jan. 2012
Obtained a certificate of RND Center
Apr. 2012
Re-certified as a venture business
Jan. 2013
Certification of Quality Management System ISO 9001
Aug. 2013
Certificated as an INNO-BIZ company Corpration
Apr. 2014
Certificated as a venture business(Re-certified)
Aug. 2015
Participated in Shenzhen CIOE 2016(China)
Sep. 2015
Participation in CIOE 2015(Shenzhen Exhibition)
Feb. 2016
Participated in Photonics West 2016(SPIE, USA)
Sep. 2016
Participated in Shenzhen CIOE 2017(China)
Nov. 2016
Signed Distributor Agreement with CINV(China, Shanghai)
Sep. 2017
Development of Wide-Angle 5x Objective Lens(World's First)
Apr. 2018
Development of Ultra Wide Angle 1um Resolution Microscopic Lens Module(5x, 7.42x, 9.425x)(World's First)
Jun. 2019
Development of Micro-Spot Spectroscopic ellipsometer(DUV~NIR, λ=200~1100nm)(World's smallset spot size : 8x5 um)