CCTV Lens360° CCTV Lens

360° CCTV Lens

Features of 360° CCTV lens

This is the lens that transmits and records images in a certain environment, and is used for various purposes, such as for industry, education, medical monitoring, and crime prevention. Our 360-degree CCTT lens is suitable to use for monitoring because it is designed to photograph 360 degrees right and left, and 55 degrees up and down.
Additional image processing to spread images is required due to the distortion of the image field.

  • Purpose : Surveillance camera
  • For use with cameras : Area camera(1/4”, 1/3”)
  • Family products : 360° CCTV lens
Lens Spec.
Parameter Spec. Remark
Image Sensor 1/4”, 1/3” 1.3M pixel
F/# 2.5  
FOV ↔360°, ↕55° Upward 38° Downward 17°
Wavelength Visible  
Image Circle on sensor Min.  0.8  ~ Max 1.6 ㎜ Doughnut Shape
Size Ø 31 ㎜,  L=44 ㎜  
Use 360° Surveillance(Indoor/Outdoor)  
Lens Shape & Use
360° CCTV Lens