Fusion splicer Lens

Fusion splicer Lens

Features of fusion splicer lens

When fusing and splicing the optical fiber, identify the location of the core and the cladding of such optical fiber exactly for combination.
This is the lens produced to identify the location of the core inside the cladding.

  • Purpose : For optic fiber fusion splicer
  • For use with cameras : Area camera
  • For use with cameras : Fusion splicer Lens 5X
Lens Spec.
Parameter Spec. Remark
Camera 1/4“(3.56x2.67 ㎜) CCD size 4.45 ㎜
Mag. 5 x  
F/# F/9.2 Image NA 0.054
EFL 5.46 ㎜  
MTF 0.3 @ 90lp/㎜
DOF ± 0.004 ㎜ Optical DOF @Object
Distortion 0.6%  이하  
Wavelength 630 ~ 670 ㎚ Red visible ray
FWD 11.0 ㎜ Object~1st surface
BWD 23.61 ㎜ Last surface~CCD
TTL 54.01 ㎜ Object~CCD
Size Φ 14, 21.5 ㎜ Only Lens
Iris Fixed  
Fusion splicer Lens
Fusion splicer Lens
Fusion splicer Lens
Ray fan
Fusion splicer Lens
Simulation data VS. Real Image
Fusion splicer Lens