Exposure Lens

Exposure Lens

Features of exposure lens

In general, the process which makes the light pass through a mask of the same size as or different from that of the circuit pattern intended to be made and uses the shape to move the shape from the mask to the optical system is photolithography.
That is to say, the technology that uses a source of light and form a fine pattern on a desired portion. The exposure apparatus is the one that performs this process.

  • Types: Proximity exposure - parallel exposure
    beam projection exposure - large area exposure, anamorphic exposure,
    DMD maskless exposure, fiber maskless exposure
  • Available to be customized according to the conditions of system configurations
Exposure Lens Series
Model Exposure Type Mask Pattern
Collimated Exposure  view Proximity Exposure Mask
Wide area Exposure  view Projection Exposure Mask
Anamorphic Exposure  view Mask
Maskless Exposure  view DMD
Optical Fiber