CCTV LensRadiation Resistant CCTV Zoom Lens

Radiation Resistant CCTV Zoom Lens

Features of radiation-resistant CCTV lens

This is the lens that transmits and records images or pictures in certain circumstances and used in an environment where there exists radiation, such as for industrial monitoring and space photographing. In particular, our radiation-resistant lenses are available for the radiation environment to which people cannot access (e.g., inside the reactor, on the scene of radiation exposure).
With an ordinary lens, the color of the lens discolors and its performance decreases.
Also, this lens is produced so color photographing is possible by using 3CCD for the first time among radiation-resistant lenses in the world.
Purpose : Exposure field monitoring, intra-reactor monitoring, space environment monitoring

  • For use with cameras : Area camera(1”)
  • Family products : Radiation-resistant 6x lens, radiation-resistant 18x lens
Lens Spec.
Parameter Spec. Remark
6x 18x
Picture Resolution 600 TV lines(  in the center)    
Out diameter Ø 80 ㎜ under Ø160 ㎜  under  
Zoom Range 6.25x(12 ㎜  ~ 75 ㎜) 18x(12  ㎜  ~ 218 ㎜)  
CMOS  spec. 1”(H=9.6 ㎜,  W=12.8 ㎜,  D=16 ㎜)  
Field of  View 67.38°~12.18° 64.2°~4.3°  
Focus range 200 ㎜  ~ 7000 ㎜    
F/# 2.0(in  wide) 2.0(in  wide)  
Focus adjustment Remote control motor  
Aperture adjustment Remote control motor  
Zoom adjustment Remote control motor  
Lens Shape
Radiation Resistant CCTV Zoom Lens