Microscopic Tube Lens(Objective Lens)

Microscopic Tube Lens

Features of Tube Lens

The Tube Lens is used with an objective lens, and depending on the focal length of the objective lens, the magnification of the Tube Lens is determined.
The performance of the Tube Lens also affects the performance of the objective lens.
Normally, the Tube Lens with F 200mm focal length is set to 1x magnification.

  • Purpose : Machine Vision, Pattern Inspection, LCD Inspection, PCB Inspection, Laser Processing, Laser Repair etc.,
  • Camera : Area scan camera(2/3”, 29M), Line scan camera(12k)
  • Product family : F90 Tube Lens, F100 Tube Lens, F150 Tube Lens, F200 Tube Lens
Tube Lens Series
Model ICS NA Field Angle BWD EFL EPD
F90 Tube Lens Φ 14.2 mm 0.06 ± 4.5° 85 mm 90 mm Φ 11  mm
F100 Tube Lens Φ 14 mm 0.05 ± 4.0° 67 mm 100 mm Φ 10  mm
F150 Tube Lens Φ 23.6 mm 0.04 ± 4.5° 154 mm 150 mm Φ 11.5  mm
F200 Tube Lens
Φ 31.47 mm 0.03 ± 4.5° 218 mm 200 mm Φ 11.5  mm
F200 Tube Lens
Φ 35 mm 0.03 ± 5.0° 190 mm 200 mm Φ 11.5  mm
Lens Shape
Microscopic Tube Lens