Zoom Lens

Zoom Lenses

Features of Zoom Lens

The lens type that can vary the magnification and focal length of the lens,
it is mainly used as an industrial inspection optical system.
When the object distance and the image distance are adjusted to vary the magnification,
The distance between the lens groups is motorized changed.(by changing the focal distance)
There are two types; the ways in which the object distance and the image distance are fixed and changed.

  • Lighting method : Coaxial illumination
  • Purpose : For machine vision, pattern inspection, LCD inspection, and PCB inspection
  • For use with cameras : Line scan camera(12k, 8k), Area scan camera(29M, 12M)
  • Product family :
    AZ8k0916x(0.9~1.6x), AZ8k1428x(1.4~2.8x), AZ2k3050x(3.0~5.0x)
Zoom Lens Series
Model Mag. Line Image Sensor Image NA FWD(Object~Lens) TTL(object~Image)
AZ8k0916x  view 0.9~1.6x 8k 7㎛ 0.057~0.043 35 mm 364~334.7 mm
AZ8k1428x  view 1.4~2.8x 8k 7㎛ 0.043~0.056 25 mm 467 mm
AZ2k3050x  view 3.0~5.0x 2k 10㎛ 0.028 11.5 mm 287.62 mm